Thursday, April 5, 2007

My Zoolander Moment

You know that scene in Zoolander where the male models are at the gas station and they break into song & dance, spraying each other with gasoline from the pumps? Well, that was me last night. I left the post-run happy hour, stopping to fill up the 4Runner at Chevron, and the pump "latch" (that you use so you don't have to continuously grip it while pumping) got stuck. Even though the pump stopped, when I removed it, the pump quite literally shot about 20 feet straight up in the air and landed on my head, arms, face, legs, etc. I fully expected a car to drive by with the windows down and the radio blaring Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" just like the movie. Once I got past the stinging on the skin, and the quick look around to see if anyone was watching, I had to laugh.

Of course, this was immediately followed with the realization of how dangerous a situation it really was. Again, I recalled the movie when one of the lame-brain male models decides to light a cigarette & the entire gas station explodes. With my windows down (to air out the car) I drove 80 mph all the way home. I have washed my clothes & shoes twice, but they still smell like gasoline.

Thank God I don't smoke.


Erin said...

Heehee! Orange Mocha Frappacinos!!! :)

Kris said...

Oh my God, Shorey, that's hilarious in a vaguely dangerous sort of way!

MikeW said...


Buzz said...

I feel responsible for this, I watched Zoolander on Wed night instead of going to HH.