Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Outlook on Running

For as long as I can recall, I have been a very consistent 9-10 minute/mile runner. No matter the distance, that's about how fast I run. I've always wished I was faster, but I honestly didn't like the hurt that comes with pushing myself to run harder/faster.

That said, I think I must have a new outlook on running. First, with a few pointers from my coach, I've modified my form slightly - shortened my stride, arm placement, etc. Second, I did another 2-mile time trial recently so that I could adjust my split goals. Third, I am now always bringing my times with me to our track workouts so that I always have an eye on my goals. So, what does this translate to? Well, my new triathlon run pace PR is a good 90 seconds faster than what it was a year ago, and I certainly can't complain about that.

This week's workout was something Panther concocted that is called "More Pricks Than Kicks" and the name is a good one. Ouch! I flew back to Austin from Atlanta, landing at 5:56, made a beeline over to the SFTD track, and the workout was already underway. I did a few laps as warmup, then started the workout.

I only did a couple of repeats of this for a variety of reasons (swollen feet from flying, started workout late, dehydrated, etc.). I did a cooldown for a few laps and called it a day. Overall, I'm pleased.

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Dionn said...

WOOT! That rocked! I can tell you are tons faster than last year. Keep up the awesome job...all your hard work is paying off!