Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Think I Need A New Time Trial

Tonight's workout was six 800m repeats at 5K pace, with 200m recoveries. My goal time, according to my last time trial in October, is 4:18. Considering my slowest 800m repeat was 3:55:89, I think I need a new time trial. Best interval was 3:46:81. Good news is that I only had difficulty breathing on my left side during the 5th/6th repeats, and it seems to be better if I raise my left arm up over my head (not ideal when running, but helpful on the recoveries). Now, if I can just muster up some good running during races, I'll be satisfied.


Dionn said...

You totally need a new time trial. You have gotten tons faster than last fall...I can tell!


MikeW said...

go run a time trial.