Saturday, March 29, 2008

Amazing Saturday

This morning started with the Rosedale Ride. I really enjoy this ride for a variety of reasons, but I especially like the Rosedale School. It's AISD's only school for children with multiple disabilities. My half-brother who lives in Kansas, Evan, has multiple disabilities and so the great services of Rosedale mean a lot.

I rode with Stacey & Arturo, and we enjoyed our 43 miles. Little wind, little rain, lotsa rough pavement, which led to numb hands, but it was good. And, we finished early enough for each of us to have plenty of time for other activities and commitments. Plus, while I rode my parents and sister, Jaye, manned a mammoth garage sale. Which, by the way, brought in sizeable donations for Girls on the Run. Nowhere near the $6,000 needed by June 1st, but we're a little closer.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon with my mom & Jaye, which was a lot of fun. Started fading at about 4pm. Must. Take. Nap.

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