Friday, October 17, 2008

Being Type A

People often say that multi-sport athletes are Type A. I would say that is true. Don't believe me? Volunteer at a race sometime, preferably a water stop or the 'bike out' & watch many adults have tantrums when things don't go right.

One thing, not tri-related, that completely gets under my skin: typos and grammatical errors. I. Hate. Them. For a little over a year, when I lived in St. Louis, I was an editor & my part of my job responsibilities included making typographical and grammatical corrections while also formatting all the references & citations. Boring, yes. But it also taught me a lot. Even at my job now, I am referred to as "Eagle Eye Shorey" because I notice even the tiniest details.

So, as I was reading the Runner Triathlete News magazine today, I saw a 2-page advertisement for The UltraCentric Experience & their series of races. I was disappointed to see that a race organizer who has been putting on races for 23 years doesn't know how to spell "duathlon." The advertisement got it wrong a total of 11 times. Are you kidding me? So, after skimming the magazine, I put it down. But then I kept thinking about it. Even as I worked this afternoon, I STILL thought about it. So, what do you think I did? You bet, I sent their marketing person an email. I mean, COME ON!


Katie said...

Outstanding!!! I'm amazed at how many typos I see when reading a book...I mean with all of our technology there IS NO excuse. You have to let us know if the marketing peeps respond.

Lulu said...

They spelled Duathlon wrong on the Sweet & Twisted Du website. I sent them an email to the RD gently explaining that she had spelled it incorrectly. So I am right there with you!

P.S. Now that I know this I wonder how you can even stand being on some of our email threads :)