Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ibny Day 2

Today Carrie & I had planned to do some more advanced artwork/crafts & writing with the two classes. We've noticed that the school is really limited on supplies, so we can raid the CCS supply room for things such as stickers, crayons, pencil sharpeners, coloring books, etc. We repeated things like colors & shapes with the younger class & the alphabet with the 5 year olds. Naturally, there were a few things we forgot to take with us, namely blank paper.

We had wanted the 4 year olds to use glue sticks to glue shapes onto the blank paper, but since we forgot it they just colored from a coloring book. All of the kids are so proud of their work when they're done.Then we learned everyone's name by pointing to some artwork that had each child's name on it & asking the corresponding child to raise his or her hand. I was struck by how many children are no longer in the class (probably 5 or so). Sofia is the firecracker in the class. She is beautiful, sassy, and really wants extra stickers, more colors, more kisses, etc. She puts on a super sweet smile & really charms us to try and get her way.

In the 5 year old class we repeated the alphabet & had wanted the kids to write on blank paper letters we would write or point to on their ABC chart. We had copies of coloring book pages that we would use later in the class for coloring time and thought they could just use the blank side of that to write. No go. As soon as the kids saw the coloring side, that's all they wanted to do. I went around the room and individually told each child, "Smiti Shorey" which means, "My name is Shorey." Then point to the child to learn their names. Carrie did the same thing. We would write our names on their papers and they would say their name and then write theirs in Arabic. Some of the kids are named Hannan (F), Adan (M), Louda (F), Housa (F), Blatef (M), Mariam (F), Sofie (F), Salma (F), and probably my favorite little boy who sits right up front, Smaeel. He is possibly the cutest little thing I've ever seen.

We started & ended each class by singing songs. Here is the 5 year old class (I asked permission first & it was approved by the teacher).

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Shazia Manzar said...

Oh my God! I taught them one little, two little, three little Indians...how lovely! Thank you so much for the blog.