Thursday, December 31, 2009

Medina Part 2

After dinner on Wednesday, 7 of us headed to the Medina for round 2 of shopping. This presented a bit of a challenge because public transportation here is horrible. I may have mentioned, but the bus system was recently taken over by a different company and it's a real mess. If the buses aren't breaking down, then there just aren't enough or they are too full and won't stop. Cabs here only take 3 passengers, so if you're lucky to get a taxi at all, you may have to share and stop along the way before you get to your destination.

Once we took the bus to the Medina, we were dropped off at the opposite entrance than we had wanted. This meant powerwalking through the crowds to get where we wanted to be. In about 45 minutes, we had hit about a dozen shops, bargained our little hearts out & got more gifts for folks back home (and stuff for ourselves, as well).

Getting a taxi was difficult, again because we had 7 people. It was 6:30pm, heavy traffic, dark out, and everyone screaming for any blue taxi with less than 3 passengers in it. Luckily we all made it back safely.

note: I went out today to buy another suitcase :-)

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