Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An Attempt At Surfing

Sighting the waves the day before, one of the volunteers (Carrie) wanted to check out the surfing scene in Rabat on Sunday. She had actually arranged a week of surfing in Morocco before the volunteer week began, but her departing flight from PA was canceled due to snow, so she missed out. Four of us headed down to the beach to find the Surf Club and hang out. Turned out there were no boards she could rent, so we walked along the beach, went to the end of the pier (where I about had a panic attack at the drop offs), and headed through the Medina. This was a relaxing way to spend the day, and was quite enjoyable.

As soon as we got back, Carrie had to leave for her return flight. It was great to meet her and become friends. She and I worked at Ibny together and shared an amazing time with those kids. She is an accomplished world traveler and I look forward to hearing about her next adventures.

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