Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kids Do The Darndest Things

A couple of weeks ago, instead of the Tuesday night run workout ("The Gun" - which I had done the day before), I went over to my friends' house to see their twin boys who just turned 2. Shelley had told me that Jack is really into sports and loves all types of balls - basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, etc. Henry, on the other hand, enjoys playing with puzzles. I made a trip over to Terra Toys to shop around for gifts I hoped the boys would enjoy.

I found these nifty OBalls that have holes all through them to help kids learn how to catch. I guess around age 2 kids start developing their hand-eye coordination, and I figured Jack would really enjoy these (my friends are convinced that he's the athletic/sports one). I also found several puzzles for Henry - a vertical puzzle, as well as one where he can match the animals and shapes together (Henry is the analytical one).

After making my purchases, I headed over to The Container Store to get some gift bags. I saw these colorful baskets that I thought would be perfect "gift boxes" but serve triple-duty as storage for the puzzles, as well as a container that was big enough for Jack to try to toss his new toys into.

As soon as the boys opened their gifts, they immediately started playing. They both seemed genuinely interested in all the things I had brought. In fact, Jack & Henry immediately completed one of the puzzles, and then we spent about half an hour throwing the balls around the playroom. But the funniest part of the whole evening was the fact that, besides being interested in the TOYS, they seemed to have most fun with the BASKETS. I can't recall who did it first, but they both ended up walking around with the baskets on their heads.

I really love kids.


Kenny said...

Are those large laminated llamas or plastic playtime alpacas? I can't quite tell from your pictures....

Shorey said...

I didn't buy those, so I have no idea, but they're funny aren't they?