Monday, October 29, 2007


This weekend, while my parents went to DC to cheer my sister Katie on for her first marathon, I was in charge of pet-sitting. My parents have 3:

Ellie (aka Ellie-Belly) - small black kitty who I rescued during a Rogue run last marathon season who had been hit by a car right in front of us. She lost the use of one of her front legs, but she's the sweetest cat & bounds around playing like she's not disabled.

Duke - somewhat prissy full-bred Himalayan beauty. Duke is really Katie's cat, and it has taken him 11 years for him to finally let me pet him.

Abby - geriatric Cocker Spaniel who is really my dog in disguise. She is sweet, silly, excited, and old.

On Friday afternoon I picked Abby up and took her to my house for a doggie sleepover. I've never actually had her at my house for an overnight visit, and she really seemed to have a good time. The biggest challenge with Abby is that because she is old, she sometimes has a hard time when it comes to her bladder. Cockers are notorious for piddling anyway, so this just meant I had to watch her carefully and take her out a lot. I thought it was adorable that she ignored her own bed & went straight for the cat bed.

On Saturday morning we ran some errands, including a trip to PetCo.

Happy dogs are one of my favorite things, and because Abby is in her twilight years I enjoy my time with her even more.

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MikeW said...

Looks like you now know what to buy the puppy dog for Xmas!
(hint: you can find it in the kitty aisle!)

Good looking puppy dog!