Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm In Love

With the Spazmatics, that is. I've seen them several times at Cedar Street, and it's always a great show. Last night was certainly no exception. A bunch of my coworkers were all in town for our annual sales kick-off meeting, and I'm pretty confident that everyone had a good time. It's always hard not to bob your head, tap your foot, and well, shake your ass when you're listening to some great 80s new wave pop. Of course, when you're standing on a chair so you can see the band and your heels keep poking through the lattice on the chair seat, dancing too much can be difficult.

Aside from the great music, the band really entertains. Costumes, facial expressions, uber-sexy dance moves. All I can say is yummy. Geoffrey - without his helmet and high-waters - looks almost exactly like my high school boyfriend. Bjorn, the "tennis player" is an awesome guitarist, which is especially evident in the Bon Jovi & Journey covers. A coworker of mine and I were talking about how cute the band is and we decided we'd like to take them all home and buy them stuff. While Geoffrey brings back fond memories, Al is pretty hot. Not sure about the neck brace, though.
And if you get there early, you can see them do their sound check sans costume. Wowza.

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