Thursday, April 10, 2008

PT is Working!!

My bi-weekly physical therapy is definitely paying off. It's difficult to fit it in with my workout (and work) schedule, but I have made it a priority. Just like getting in the swim workout or putting time on the bike, this is a must for me if I am to enjoy the summer at all. My running totals are still low, but I need to carefully ramp back up.

The PT process is 1 hour of active release, ultrasound, and e-stim with an ice pack, all of which feel fantastic (although the active release has me squeeling most of the time). I have learned a great way to stretch the soleus since it's buried under some fascia and is often very hard to get at. The "knots" along my tibia are finally shrinking, and it's about 20 minutes into the run when I start noticing minimal pain. That's usually preceeded by me just thinking about the pain, so if I could just NOT THINK about it I may be able to run pain-free. But I'm getting closer by the day...

It has been very frustrating because I had hip pain when running track in junior high, and then no serious issues for 24 years, then WHAM with the shins. I'm just so THANKFUL to be finally seeing the light at the end of this long tunnel.


Katie said...

Yay for PT!!!

Glad it's working.

MikeW said...


I saw workouts by a 'shorey' on breaking the tape... Is that you?!