Thursday, June 21, 2007

Animal Magnetism

Why is it that Miss Lucy (my 4 year old feline roommate) only wants to snuggle in my lap if:
  • I'm working on the computer conducting a demo
  • I'm on the toilet
  • It's thundering outside

None of these are terribly convenient for me. She's also developed this habit of slightly drooling, which makes me think of my childhood cat, Muffin, who drooled CONSTANTLY. I love Lucy, mind you, but why doesn't she ever want to cuddle on my terms?


Missychel said...

My husband has a theory on cats. He says that they must be reincarnated models. They pose, lay around and lounge all day, ony give you affection/attention on their terms and could care less if you were around until they need a meal.

I miss my old cat:( Give lucy a scratch for me. I have never seen a cat drool before.

Dionn said...

Sounds like my two year old....hmmmmm

Kris said...

Are you sure Lucy's not a man?

Shorey said...

I've never had a man want to snuggle when I'm on the toilet - I guess there's a first for everything. For anyone curious, cat drool is more watery than you might expect, and it just sort of drips.