Monday, April 7, 2008

Attn: Animal Lovers - More Volunteers Needed

(Forwarded from a friend...)

Over the past several months Austin Pets Alive! has been trying to figure out how it can make more of an impact on Town Lake Animal Center than it has been able to in the past as an outside volunteer entity. We decided that the best way to help the animals at TLAC is to create a Pet Resource Center that provides a safety net to owners and animals in Austin.

The goals of this Center are:
  1. Become the first place people turn to for pet support, not the last.
  2. Displace all the animals that are surrendered by their owners or come in as strays to TLAC. We want them to come to us so that we can proactively help in their problems or placement. This could potentially decrease animal intake at TLAC by 18,000 animals.
  3. Prove that by using innovative, efficient, business minded, and life focused systems to handle the large volume of animals, Austin can afford to be a No Kill city.
Although we have many committees filled, we are still in need of volunteers that can dedicate 2-5 hours per week for the next couple months to prepare for the opening of the facility. Ideally the committees listed below will create and have protocols/procedures in place before any volunteers/staff begin actually working in the facility. Our immediate needs are in the following areas:

Operations Committee: We need people that have an interest and knowledge base about processing clients, handling staff, overseeing inventory, facility management, and housing animals. Please contact Ellen - if interested.

Reception Committee: We need people that have an interest and knowledge in customer service and phone/email systems. Please contact Ellen - if you are interested.

Hotline Committee: We need people to collate the scripts and training devices for a functional pet help hotline. Please contact Ellen at if interested.

Cat Adoption Committee: We need help creating training and protocols on adoption practices that are specific to cats and their unique emotional needs. If interested: please contact Carol at or Lindsay at

Cat Behavior Committee: We need people to create recognition systems, assessment protocols, staff training, and determine needs of cats in a rehoming situation. Please contact Carol at or Lindsay at

Again, the committees above will not be doing the actual work at the facility but will be helping to set us up so we are ready to hit the ground running. Please join us in this much needed endeavor!

Ellen Jefferson, DVM
APA! President

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