Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend Update

Overall, it felt like a busy, busy weekend. But that's good, right?

Friday started with a stop at the Pit with StacyK and Panther. I love this facial expression: an indication of how lovely a stomach virus can be. Of course this didn't stop him from enjoying a couple of margaritas.
Afterwards, I went over to KP's house to play a strange card game. I had no idea it's a 5-hour process. Needless to say, I left before the debates and bunny-killing began. Although I heard that the festivities lasted til 3am.

After that I met a friend of mine from Dallas who was in town for a wedding on Saturday night. Hadn't seen MikeMD in about 8 years. Had a quick drink to catch up, then it was home to bed early-ish so I could rise and shine for a ride on Saturday.

Met StaceyC at Westlake High School for a 40-miler along 360, around and up Old Spicewood, along Jollyville then back down around 360. It was WINDY. And I'm not kidding around when I say "WINDY." My biceps are actually sore from pulling up on the handlebars of my bike to trudge into the headwinds. After that, got cleaned up and headed downtown to meet MikeMD and one of his friends for lunch. As it turns out, MikeMD and I ended up over at Maudie's with the usual suspects (Panther, Ostrich, Triscuit, Gina, Tim & Carri, & Tim's parents - although, I think Tim's mom looks like Carri. I'm sure that means something...). Dropped off MikeMD, then it was home for a nap, which I never actually took, then I got ready to go to the wedding.

The wedding was out at a place in Lago Vista called Villa Antonia. At first it looked really pretty, overlooking the lake, nice courtyard, etc. Upon closer inspection, though, not so much. There were other logistics that didn't flow very well, but the bridal party seemed to be having a good time, and that's really what matters. After ditching the reception for some real food, I made the LONG trek home from Cedar Park (it's a complete maze out there, by the way) for an early rise.

Sunday morning started with a morning jaunt to Walnut Creek Metro Park to watch some friends race. Cheered, lounged, chatted, took some pics...

It was great fun! After that, I headed to campus to meet up with Jane & Katie for some mimosas, girltalk, and just general fun. That was a much-needed diversion from my routine, and I had a great time!

While my weekend was busy with fun stuff, I feel like I need a weekend more to recover!


PAUL said...
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Lulu said...

Thanks for coming to cheer Shorey !!!

MikeW said...

yes! thanks for being out there!
i agree on Villa Antonia. I was IN a weddnig out there, and had to drive all the way out there 3 times because of it. It's nice at first, but then, the architecture just didn't make sense to me. Kind of like a normal house with an italina shell to it. weird.
and the drive... ugh the drive.

Shorey said...

The wait staff out there shattered at least 3 glasses DURING the ceremony. The winding gravel road and limited parking is not a good idea when you know you'll have intoxicated reception-goers trying to leave late at night.

Dionn said...

Thank you, thank you!! It is always great to have friends cheering you on.


KP said...

Thanks for coming by Booze & Bunnies 1 (Bunnies Ain't Nothing But Tricks and Ho's) - next time I hope you have more time to hang!

Katie said...

Yes, girltalk & mimosas are it strange that I passed out at Jane's around 2pm???

I don't know why anyone goes out to CP.