Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roadtrip Day 3

Sugar and I somehow missed a highway sign and instead of staying on 84, we ended up on 64 on our last leg of the drive to Bayfield, CO (near Durango) to our cabin at Lake Vallecito. This took us smack dab through Taos, which wasn't so bad. There was an arts festival going on, and I would've stopped except for the fact that I'm not that crazy about Southwestern art.

We did find a farmers market, so stocked up on some fruit & stuff. This detour also took us through more national forests, and the sights were incredible. I was amazed at the number of cyclists out braving the mountains (probably about 20 separate cyclists) and a few tandems.

Carson National Forest

We arrived at our cabin right at 3pm, which was the check-in time. While I unloaded, Sugar supervised.

Then we took a walk around the park where we're staying. There is one section that is for RVs, one section with cabins and "permanent" RVs, an overlook, some stables and horses, and a playground. The park is much nicer than I imagined, and the cabin is perfect - one room, shower, gas stove, fridge, sink, TV, and bed. It's basically one-room, but it's nicely maintained.

We also stopped by the office to get the lowdown on hiking trails for tomorrow. Woohoo!


Katie said...

I love reading about your road trip. Sugar sure does look happy.

Shorey said...

I'm enjoying documenting it! She hates the car, but she loves being outdoors. This is the perfect vacation for her (and for me).